Martian Dragons by Ian Woodhead

Martian Dragons

Martian Dragons by Ian Woodhead
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 288 Kb

Martian Dragons : In the near future. A young warrior priest has his life turned upside down after alien forces destroys everything dear to him. He finds himself thrust into the middle of a war that’s lasted for thousands of years. Three Earth-born sentient races battle against an aggressive alien force.

Only an ancient Martian outpost, the few surviving marines, and their battered space fleet stands in their way. The outpost holds a great secret that, if discovered, by the right man might swing the tide of war…

“He shook his head. No, just a minor disagreement. These kids were all about to turn around and go home.”

Todd sighed. He reached behind his back and pulled out his old Knight’s Order Pandora Cross. Even from this distance, Ryan could see that the close combat baton had a charge running through it.

“The Good Book is waiting for you.” Todd stepped out from the shop’s alcove. He placed his feet on the kerb and cupped his hands, holding the Pandora Cross next to his chest. “Regrets 12:23 states knowledge must be earned. Only the foolish and the weak blurt out folly.”

Todd stared straight at Leather Jacket. “Damien, remember the tales of the tide. Remember Shadow 16:2”

All six spun around and ran back up the road. Ryan waited until the last of them had gone before slipping his arm around Bernice and guiding her over to Todd. “This is Bernice,” he said.

The large man placed the Pandora Cross back in its scabbard before stepping back and going down on one knee. “My name is Todd Stiles, and I am the owner of this establishment. My friend said you were a wonder and I see that he was not lying.” He kissed the back of her hand before standing up.  “Let me just make sure your table is ready.”

The man vanished inside, leaving the two of them alone. “Are you okay, Bernice? I hope they didn’t unsettle you?”

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