Mason & Morgan: The Serial Killer Collection by Adam Nicholls

Mason & Morgan

Mason & Morgan: The Serial Killer Collection by Adam Nicholls (Mason Black #1-3 & Morgan Young #1-3)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.4 Mb

Mason & Morgan : Six books. Two series. One collection.

Mason Black is a zero-tolerance detective with an affinity for violence. Morgan Young is an optimistic private investigator with a heart of gold. When put in a room together there should be trouble, but can they put their differences aside to stop a killer?

The Mason & Morgan Box Set contains two complete trilogies and ends with a crossover event that is sure to excite. Written with short, gripping chapters, this collection is the perfect escape into a dark world full of lies, danger and killers.

Mason Black series
1. Missing
The clock is ticking. They’re still missing.

After handing in his detective badge, Mason Black now lives a stable life as a private investigator. But when the bodies of two children are discovered with messages written in blood, the pattern of a familiar killer emerges.

Now, the Carter twins are missing, and only Mason can help. With his unique knowledge of the killer, he has an advantage over the San Francisco Police Department. While his marriage falls apart, he must choose between repairing his life or opening doors that were meant to stay closed. There’s just one problem; neither solution will restore his faith in humanity.

The Lullaby Killer is on the hunt, and Mason Black is always a step behind.

2. Masquerade
Ignorance is bliss. Revenge is better.

It’s been one year since the Lullaby Killer was punished for his crimes, and Mason Black’s life has already improved. His PI business is thriving, his family life is stronger than ever, and after years of misery he’s finally happy. It’s a shame it has to end.

Three bodies have been discovered with accusing messages carved into the skin. Hiding below the police radar, Mason flees across San Francisco in search for answers, desperate to find his tormentor before the SFPD arrest him. His only clue? Somebody wants revenge, and they’ll stop at nothing to take it.

3. Manhunt
Your past stays with you. Peace doesn’t.

After coming to terms with his troubled past, Mason Black has found balance between his family and his career as a private investigator. For the first time in his life everything is going well – until Chris Healy arrives at the office.

Three members of his family are reported missing, and Mason is hired to find them. But when a body is found with a message written just for him, Mason discovers the survivors were kidnapped by a man known only as Anarchy, who will stop at nothing as he forces Mason to play his twisted game.

Morgan Young series
1. Let Me In
All he wanted was to stop a killer. He never knew what it would cost.

Morgan Young only took the small cases – the ones he knew he could solve – but when Detective Gary Lee arrives on his doorstep asking for help, he’s given no choice. Two women are dead, and they have to find the killer before he strikes again.

Before he knows it, Morgan is in the middle of a revenge story that darkens with every twist. While victims are dropping like flies and his abilities are being questioned, he has one chance to find the serial killer, and that opportunity is passing him by. Fast.

2. Watch Them Die
All he wanted was his cousin back. He’d have to settle for revenge.

Morgan Young thought the worst of it was over – his most brutal case put behind him – but when he returns from vacation to find his cousin violently killed, a new problem falls into his lap; the killer is still out there, and nobody can find him.

Although he tries to fight it, Morgan can’t help but grow attached to the case. Even with the police trying to stop him, his fierce desire for justice grows stronger every day. He just hopes he can keep his emotions separate as he finds the murderer, before he does something he’ll regret.

3. Don’t You Dare
The case looked easy. Until it changed his life forever.

Morgan Young thought it would be a quick job – an easy paycheck – but when he digs deeper into the facts, he finds he’s bitten off more than he can chew. A man is missing, and the trail is going cold.

Refusing to let down his client, Morgan dives head-first into his work and discovers there’s more than meets the eye. A woman on the brink of insanity knows something, but there’s no getting past her defenses. This leaves only one choice: pursuit.


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