Kingdomturn by Matthew A. Williams

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Kingdomturn by Matthew A. Williams (The Fractured Visions #1)
English | 2020 | Sci-F | ePUB |2.9 MB

Truth is the reward for those brave enough to pursue it.

Within the walled city of Aldhagen, Wyand is a young miner who lives to serve the Venerates—a group of godlike beings whose powerful magic saved humanity long ago by removing the threats of sickness, violence, and death. In exchange for these blessings, all that the Venerates require is diligent service and unwavering faith. With their core principles of peace and honor governing Wyand’s every action, life is simple. Then the dreams begin.

These aren’t ordinary dreams, though—they sometimes strike while Wyand is awake as well, containing details and sensations so vivid that they feel more like memories. Is it a sickness, madness, or something else? Wyand doesn’t know, but the more it happens, the more he questions his sanity and the foundations of his faith. As he quietly searches for answers, Wyand must walk a narrow path that could lead to the truth or to his banishment into the unknown lands beyond the safety of Aldhagen.

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