Mech Planet by Jonathan Yanez,Stevie Collier

Mech Planet

Mech Planet by Jonathan Yanez,Stevie Collier(Metal Fury Book 2): A Mecha Space Opera Adventure
English | 2020 | Sci -Fi | ePUB | 2.9 Mb

The path to freedom leads to combat in a slave arena.
He’s only just survived the trash planet.
Now, Jack has arrived in a new world to find his friends captured and enslaved. The twisted politics of Shivbowl leave little room for his normal antics. He’ll have to play by their rules and beat out the competition in the mech battling games.
While hope for freedom fades, a new darkness promises everything Jack has ever wanted but goes against everything a Knight stands for.
Can he resist this powerful calling?

“I never wanted this for you, Jack,” Connors said, “Honestly, I thought I’d convinced you that the purpose of ShadowTech was a worthy cause… but I should’ve known better. It’s that damn heart of yours, Jack… and now look what it’s done to you.”

“Go… to… hell…” The words were agony to spit out.

Connors shook his head. “You were like a son to me… and one hell of a pilot.”

The Admiral stood and walked away. Jack wasted no time on the man’s words since they meant nothing coming from someone so despicable. Instead, he used the very last of his energy to drag himself to Priscilla.

The entire time, Lisa yelled at him in the back of his mind, begging for attention.

“Lisa…” Jack dropped his hand on Priscilla’s back, feeling the warm wetness of her blood. “Fix her.”

“Jack, she’s gone,” Lisa said. “We need to worry about your heart!”

“Fix her first,” Jack said. “That’s an order.”

“Fine, give me a second.” Jack listened to the beeping calculations of Lisa. “Jack, I can save her… I think. I’ll need to enter her central nervous system, followed by fusing with the neurons of her brain. From there, I’ll try to speed up the healing process.”

“Sounds… insane…” Jack said.

“It is, Jack,” Lisa agreed. “There’s a cost to all of this, though and I’m not sure you’ll want to pay it.”

“Just do it.”

More calculations and beeping. “Okay, Jack. I’m ready, but promise me one thing,” Lisa said.


“When I leave, I need you to use your powers to materialize a defibrillator,” Lisa said. “Use it on your heart as soon as possible.”

“Done,” Jack promised.

“Wish me luck,” Lisa said.

A jolt of electricity fired through Jack’s body, the sensation of a piece of his brain leaving his head, shocking his cranium. His body shook, his fingers opening and closing on their own as a cold sweat formed down his back.

With no time to spare, Jack flipped himself on his back, his chest rising and falling with a noticeable flutter. No matter how hard he concentrated, he just couldn’t bring up the image of a defibrillator.

Should have paid more attention in my CPR class, Jack thought.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the vambraces manifested two glowing purple defibrillation machines that dropped gently onto his chest. Jack grabbed onto the handles and prepared to switch them on.

First, he turned his head back to Priscilla and noticed her eyes open… and she was staring directly at him.

Suddenly, blackness moved in from the edges of his vision. Jack’s hands fell to the side, leaving the defibrillators on his chest. Either through the loss of concentration or the lack of will, he could no longer uphold their manifestation.

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