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    Looking for : Children of the Black Ship (Rogue Star Book 4) by James E Wisher
    Lothar’s Descension (Dark Dungeon Core Book 1) by Dave Qymlore
    The Dark Compass (The Lost Captain #1) : A Tale of the Dwemhar (Stormborn Saga Book 10) by J.T. Williams
    The Truth of Shadows (The Nightfall Wars Book 2) by Jacob Peppers
    The Royal Ranger : A New Beginning (Ranger’s Apprentice: Royal Ranger Book 1) by John Flanagan
    Child of Fire and Blood Part 1 – A Rising Storm (Theobroma Book 1) & Child of Fire and Blood Part 2 – Intrigue of Shadows (Theobroma Book 2) by Bennu
    War of the Staffs (War of the Staffs Book 1) & Wraith Lords of Zeiglon (War of the Staffs Book 2) by Steve Stephenson & K.M. Tedrick
    Black Ocean – Astral Prime Series (9 Books) by J.S. Morin
    Battlegroup Vega – The Beginning by Anders Raynor
    Dances With My Dragon (Harry Ferguson Chronicles Book 2) by William David Ellis . Thank you !!!