Merry Christmas Murder by Rachel Woods

 Merry Christmas Murder

Merry Christmas Murder by Rachel Woods (A Reporter Roland Bean Cozy Mystery Book 2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Rachel Woods has been entertaining readers with her mysteries — from cozies to whodunits and everything in between.

Who shot Santa Claus?
During a trip to see Santa Claus, journalist Roland “Beanie” Bean and his young sons Ethan and Evan are shocked when Old St. Nick is shot!
Beanie is anxious to cover the story of Santa’s shooting, but his editor at the Palmchat Gazette has other plans for him. Beanie has to investigate the grisly murder of a victim found dead in a car that had been set on fire.
After he learns the man died of a gunshot wound and that the car was torched to cover up the crime, Beanie searches for more information, but his efforts are hampered by the detective on the case, a man who tried to ruin Beanie’s life.
Putting aside his animosity for the homicide cop, Beanie continues to investigate and uncovers a bizarre connection between the gunshot victim and the attack on Santa.
Racing to discover the truth, Beanie is derailed when he’s taken hostage, but the kidnapper’s gruesome demise reveals a new mystery, one that will pit Beanie against a ruthless killer determined to make sure the truth stays hidden.

“I’m glad we made it through this line,” said Bob. “Took me and the girls almost two hours.”

“Two hours?” groaned Beanie, checking his watch. He and the boys had joined the queue thirty minutes ago. He couldn’t imagine standing in line for another hour and a half.

“You probably won’t have to wait that long,” said Bob. “There was a shift change while the girls and I were waiting.”

Beanie nodded. “Hopefully, we won’t be here too much longer.”

“The girls got a nice photo with Santa,” said Bob. “I’m going to send it to their mom.”

“I’m sure she’ll like it,” said Beanie, a stirring of guilt snaking through him.

His smile small and sad, Bob nodded and looked away.

Beanie felt like an insensitive ass. He was standing in line, complaining about the wait, and Bob had been dealing with the reality of raising three young girls alone, because their mother wasn’t around anymore.

Belinda Davenport, Bob’s wife, was currently at the Women’s Correctional Facility on Tiverton Island.

Beanie would take the boys’ photo with Santa home to his wife but Bob had to mail the girls’ photo to the prison, where guards would open it first and inspect it before they allowed Belinda to see the picture of her three pretty little girls with Santa.

As Bob glanced down, still obviously overcome with emotion, Beanie felt horrible for the guy. Despite the terrible choices Belinda had made, and the deplorable actions she’d committed, Beanie could tell Bob still loved her.

“Listen, the girls and I need to get going,” said Bob. “But I was wondering, if you’re not too busy, maybe we could meet for drinks sometime? Maybe at the Queen Palm?”

Slightly surprised, Beanie said, “Yeah, sure, that’s fine.”

“Just wanted to discuss something with you,” said Bob. “It’s kind of important.”

His surprise turning to curiosity, Beanie said, “I’ll check my schedule and text you.”

After Bob and his girls left, Beanie shifted Evan from his right side to his left. Bob wanted to discuss something important with him. Beanie wondered what he wanted to talk about. Since Belinda Davenport’s arrest, Beanie hadn’t talked to Bob. They didn’t live in the same neighborhood, didn’t travel in the same social circles, or have any mutual friends. Beanie had only met Bob because of a connection to Noelle.

Maybe the guy just needed a friend, thought Beanie.

“Daddy?” Ethan yanked on the belt loop of Beanie’s jeans.

“What’s up?” asked Beanie, giving Ethan a light thump on his forehead.

“What’s a shift change?”

Laughing, Beanie said, “Nothing you have to worry about, buddy.”

Arms folded, Ethan gave him a skeptical look.

Twenty minutes later, Beanie and the boys were near the front of the line. After a couple and their four kids, and the grandmother and her obedient grandson, Ethan and Evan would get their chance to sit on Santa’s lap.

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