Message from the Shadows: Selected Stories by Antonio Tabucchi

Message from the Shadows:

Message from the Shadows: Selected Stories by Antonio Tabucchi
English | 2019 | General Fiction/Classics | ePUB | 1.6 Mb

Message from the Shadows: This new, expanded collection of Antonio Tabucchi’s stories collects the best short fiction from the Italian author recognized as one of the masters of the form.

Message From the Shadows is a new collection featuring Antonio Tabucchi’s finest short stories, spanning the breadth of his career. These playful tales explore Tabucchi’s signature themes, from his inventive, lyrical meditations on language, art, and philosophy, to his fascination with the passage of time, and the mystery of storytelling.

“I’m making an exception for you gentlemen because the dining car is closed, that’ll be twenty escudos. In spite of everything, said my travel companion, the Portuguese are kind. Why in spite of everything, I said, they are kind – let’s be fair.

We were going past construction sites and factories, it wasn’t full daylight yet. They wanted to be on Greenwich time, but in reality, according to the sun, it’s an hour earlier – say, have you ever seen a Portuguese bullfight? – they don’t kill the bull, you know, the toreador dances around it for half an hour, then makes a symbolic sword thrust, then in walks a herd of cows wearing cowbells, the bull joins the herd and everyone goes home, olé, now does that sound like a bullfight to you? Maybe a more elegant version of one, I said, killing doesn’t always mean slaughter, sometimes it only takes a gesture. Come on, he said, the battle between man and bull has to be mortal, otherwise it’s just silly playacting. But all ceremonies are a stylization, I objected, this one preserves only the shell, the gesture, which seems more noble, more abstract. My travel companion seemed to be contemplating. Well, perhaps, he said, sounding skeptical, ah, look, we’re outside Lisbon, we should go back to the compartment and get our luggage ready.”

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