Metal Mage 4 by Eric Vall

Metal Mage 4

Metal Mage 4 by Eric Vall
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.4 Kb

Metal Mage 4: With the railroad up and running, Mason Flynt and his band of mages turn their attention to the dwarven kingdom of Orebane that lies in the frigid northern Draconis Mountains.

But treacherous terrain is not all they’re up against.

In order to get the dwarves to agree to their new trade agreement, Mason will have to prove his mettle against deadly cave dragons, towering ice giants, and the Master pulling the strings behind the scene.

The temperatures might be dropping, but the heat is on.

“If you want to put it bluntly, then yeah, pretty much,” the trader chuckled, evidently not the least bit embarrassed. “Though I never moved anything that could hurt anyone, and I never got caught, so does that count? The point is I was in the north near Garioch when my men and me spotted a royal patrol on the same path, and we didn’t want no trouble. One of my guys said he knew about a mountain pass we could use to go around them. I guess we were in there for a couple hours before he confessed he might’ve been thinking of a different pass. We decided to camp out for the night and wait for the patrol to have time to pass by before we came back out.”

I felt a slight movement on my arm and looked over to see my little four inch tall metal automaton named Stan climb up onto my shoulder. When he reached the summit, he took a seat, elbows on his knees, head in his hands, and looked at the smuggler with expectation. He was as ready for the story to continue as I was.
We can get all of that for them,” Cayla declared with confidence. “We don’t want to show up empty handed.”

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