Midlife Strife by M L Briers

Midlife Strife

Midlife Strife by M L Briers (Bells and Spells – Book 1)
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Welcome to Marilyn’s world of midlife strife and a past that just wouldn’t lay down and die. Who said you couldn’t start a new life in your fifties?
Fifty two years old and counting, and Marilyn wished for something more from life than being a witch, a daughter, a mother to two grown children, and the last person to know that her husband had been having an affair. Of course, Jake was now her ex-husband, and his feet hadn’t touched the ground on his way out the door when she’d found out – literally.
Her best friend and ex-partner in teenage witchy crime, Claudia, was coming for the weekend, and Claudia could always liven things up. Trouble followed Claudia around, and this weekend was going to be more trouble than they might be able to handle.
Marilyn’s warlock son, Scott, was coming home, and he brought his own demons. Her daughter, Amber, was the only one she could count on not to bring trouble to her door, but that was about to change, and with her mother living in her pool house, she might just go crazy and run away to join a convent; if they’d let her use her magic.
While Claudia had decided that the eighties wasn’t dead, Marilyn had an un-dead blast from her past that she’d rather keep at arm’s length, but he did the vampire see things that way?
Life was about to change, but was Marilyn ready for the ride or was she just going to be cling on by her fingernails?

Louann straightened up, brushed down the tailored collar to her expensive suit, and eyed her daughter like she had a she-devil sitting on her shoulder, and she wasn’t entirely sure what to do about it. “Is that supposed to be funny, or was it a Freudian slip?” she asked in a tone that could cut glass and a look that matched her mood.

“You tell me,” Marilyn said, reaching for another egg and remembering not to take it out on poor Humpty this time. She cracked it too perfection, which was a good thing because her mother would probably have criticized her technique if she hadn’t.

“I don’t like you much when you have this attitude,” Louann said and lifted her chin as if she had a bad smell under her nose.

“Well, I don’t like me either, so we’re a match on that,” Marilyn said, and that wasn’t a lie. Her mother could bring out the very worst in her, and why she’d thought they could share the same property, even if her mother did have to pass the pool and walk through the garden to get to her house, was another matter.

Maybe a different continent would have been the key to a less abrasive life between them, but she doubted it in the era of technology that could track you wherever you went.

“Then we’re agreed, you’ll work on your attitude,” Louann said and turned to leave.

Marilyn pressed her lips together and silently cursed. Today was not the day to have it out with her mother – again. She was far too busy for that. Although she had stocked up on alcohol for the weekend, so there was always the fallback position of getting drunk.

Marilyn seethed to herself and hoped her mother’s exit would be swift so she could curse out loud. But when Louann got to the doorway, she turned back, and Marilyn’s heart sank. “I came to tell you; I’m leaving,” she said.

“For good, or can I expect you back at some point?” Marilyn didn’t look up from the eggs she was whisking with a vengeance.

“If you want me to leave…” Louann said, and left it hanging in the air like a big black cloud – that for one long moment, parted and unicorns and fairies danced with joy at the thought of it.


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