Midnight by Ross Turner (ePUB)

Midnight by Ross Turner
English | Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Series: (The Dreadhunt Trilogy #3) | 326 KB

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Marcii finds herself yet again upon the dreadful streets of Newmarket, seemingly unable to escape them. Having been forced to return upon the witch Malorie’s will, she and her companions are in search of the old man Midnight, who somehow might hold the key to their salvation from the Dreadhunt.
When the old man admits that indeed he is not what he seems, an entirely new world opens up to Marcii: one that she could never even have imagined. Those responsible for the savage attacks in Newmarket reveal themselves once and for all, stepping hauntingly from the shadows.
It soon becomes clear to the young Dougherty that these events were not as they first seemed. But the more she manages to unravel the truth, the deeper Marcii finds that she herself is entwined within it.