Miss Nightingale’s Nurses by Kate Eastham

Miss Nightingale's Nurses

Miss Nightingale’s Nurses by Kate Eastham
English | 2018 | Historical Fiction| ePUB |1.6 Mb

Miss Nightingale’s Nurses: Liverpool 1855. Ada Houston is alone.
Her grandfather has recently passed away and her brother is missing, last seen working on the Liverpool docks. Everyone assumes him to be dead. But she will not give up hope.
Ada’s determined search takes her to the Crimea where she joins the team of Florence Nightingale’s nurses. She may have set off looking for her brother, but along the way Ada finds friends, romance and a new purpose in her own life in the most troubling and difficult of places.

“He turned slowly in his chair and she gasped when she saw his face. He looked like he had aged by twenty years, his face hung with lines, his eyes drained of life.

‘Grandfather,’ she said again.

He could not speak; he kept opening and closing his mouth but no words would come. She went to him and crouched down in front of him, taking his hand.

‘Tell me the story of what happened,’ she said, feeling suddenly strong because he, for the first time in her life, seemed so weak.

‘It’s Frank,’ he said at last.

Ada squeezed his hand; she had known it must be.

‘He was on the deck of the big ship that came in and there was a sudden collapse of the cargo. They had a huge piece of timber, an oak tree, on the hydraulic crane and the chains slipped. It swung round, knocking some men into the harbour. Then it slipped and crashed on to the deck and down on the quay, crushing poor Tommy Simpson, crushing him to death.’

Padraic paused, gasping for air. Ada realized that she was squeezing his hand so tightly now that it hurt and she was staring at the floor. She released the pressure a little, glancing up to his face, a face that she no longer recognized.”



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