Miss No One by Mark Ayre

 Miss No One

Miss No One: The Third Abbie King Thriller (Abbie King Thrillers Book 3) by Mark Ayre
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6.7 MB

An avid writer since crafting a moving story of a penguin trying to find his way home (sadly no longer in print) when he was a mere six years old, Mark has started hundreds of novels and written millions of words.

An innocent child is missing. She has less than two days to live.
Abbie King is the girl’s only hope, and Abbie has done this kind of thing plenty of times before.
But this time is different…
Abandoned by the organisation that has for so long supported her, for the audacity of trying to lead a normal life, Abbie soon finds herself a fugitive from the law, facing a gang of kidnappers with friends in high places.
Abbie has never faced greater odds – but the kidnappers she pursues and the police who pursue her have never faced anyone like Abbie.
She’ll risk everything to save the innocent child —
And anyone who gets in her way will live to regret it…


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