Missy Goes to Annapolis by P.G. Allison

 Missy Goes to Annapolis

Missy Goes to Annapolis (Missy the Werecat Book 9) by P.G. Allison
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 6 MB

P. G. Allison has always loved stories about female characters with special powers (Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman, Batgirl) along with stories about witches and werewolves. The Missy the Werecat Series is about a girl growing up with no pack, no pride of other werecats and no Alpha; Missy is a girl with fantastic abilities doing great things in today’s world, amongst humans. Other books in this paranormal, new adult, urban fantasy series have Missy going on to West Point and eventually serving in the Special Forces.

After her second year at West Point, Missy returns to her Special Forces A-Team in Afghanistan for summer training. That soon leads to her being deployed into Iran and Syria. Her boyfriend Mike tells her that’s getting a little too real since she’s not just training over there.
Then, for the first semester of her third year, she heads over to the Naval Academy to participate in the Service Academy Exchange Program. The idea is to make better leaders by promoting professional, academic and social experiences.
But there are those who have other ideas about her being there. Can she handle all the responsibilities the Fates have given her, hide all her supernatural abilities and cope with those who are planning to destroy her?


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