Moffet & Molly series by Roger Major

Moffet & Molly series

Moffet & Molly series by Roger Major (#1-2)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.9 MB

Roger Major was born in Manchester, England in 1957, where he grew up and was educated. His parents separated permanently in 1965, and his father emigrated to Australia. Roger enlisted in the British Merchant Navy in 1973, which took him around the world many times. Discharged from the Navy in 1986, he first went into the family’s retail business. From 1992 found work in the hotel industry. He bought his first guest house in 1996. He emigrated to Cape Town in 2002 and opened a guesthouse. In 2006 he studied South African history and became a tourist guide. Roger is married and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

1. The Ransom Exchange
Unlikely English duo Andrew Moffet, an insecure private investigator and sixty-seven-year-old Aunty Molly take to the streets of Los Angeles in their unorthodox fashion. They are hired by wealthy widower Mrs Burgess to find her missing daughter Amanda, who has been kidnapped from their Bel Air mansion. Moffet returns the girl to her mother the very next day, only for him to return the following day for his cheque and discover Amanda has been kidnapped again. With the ransom now increased, Andrew and Aunty Molly mischievously dispose of the gang of kidnappers one by one. Creating mayhem and insecurity among the villains with hilarious results. Everything runs smoothly for Moffet & Molly, until the ruthless “Organization” hears about the large ransom involved and devises their own plan to steel the ransom during the ransom exchange.

2. The Brazen Assassin
In this eagerly anticipated 2nd installment of the Moffet & Molly Series, author Roger Major once again brings together his cast of colourful characters for an exciting new page-turner with a good dose of humour. Private Investigator Andrew Moffet, Molly, and Luis are destined to cross paths again in this adventure which takes Andrew and Luis from Los Angeles to Abbeysfield, England. Here, the two investigators drag Molly out of her blissful retirement to help solve their latest case.

In a bid to escape The Organization, Luis changes his name to Gerardo, and sets out to fulfil Molly’s promise to find the garden gnomes that went missing from the Abbeysfield Garden Gnome Contest. Meanwhile, Molly agrees to help Andrew find Rachel, the wife of a wealthy Los Angeles banker, Scott Metcalfe, whom he believes to have been abducted by his English Associate Alexander Seymore.

Tension builds as the Mexican Organization’s two hitmen, dispatched to England remain hot on Luis’ heels, ready to eliminate him for the bombing of The Organisation’s Los Angeles headquarters and for killing Alfonso Morales’ son. Hilarity ensues as Luis attempts to guard the remaining gnomes while trying to outwit the assassins at the same time.

Their investigations take Moffet and Molly on a crazy adventure across southern England and Mexico as they hatch their most audacious plan yet. Andrew faces heartbreak as The Organization kidnaps his new girlfriend, Marilyn, in an attempt to trade her for his new partner, Luis. Will the trio manage to save Marilyn, and Rachel Metcalfe? Will Gerardo ever find the garden gnome snatcher?

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