Momentary Paws by Corrine Winters

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Momentary Paws by Corrine Winters (Kitten Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 2)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Another murder in town is just clawful!
It’s a purr-fectly good day for a murder. Or at least someone seems to think so in the tiny town of Couchemar, Louisiana. That’s the story that Ember McNair hears one morning from her bat shifter BFF.
Apparently Natalie Gordon, the local divorcee with the looks to kill done went and got herself killed. The suspect list is pretty large – Natalie had managed to attract the eyes of nearly every male in town. Did she turn down too many dates? Or did another woman get jealous and take out her competition?
Gossip points to so many people in town. There’s Darren who kept following Natalie around asking her out even though she kept saying no. There’s her ex-husband who she caught cheating and wanted her back even though she kept saying no. There’s the deputy who she was seeing on the side and wanted something more but she kept on saying no.
She kept saying no. Until someone said…yes. To her murder.
It’s up to Ember, her ghost from another mother (ancestrally speaking), and her cat familiar Kali to find the real killer fast before they strike again. But they better be careful. Because Sheriff Cedric, the cute wolf shifter sheriff is watching Ember. And he’s going to use those big, muscular forearms to remove Ember from the scene if he catches her.
Will she cozy up to the truth, or could the lady killer get her too?

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