Monarch Madness by Craig Halloran

Monarch Madness

Monarch Madness by Craig Halloran (Dragon Wars #6)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.0 MB

I’m a writer. I do it every single day. Reading everyday is a big plus too. Writing is a business and an outlet of creativity to me. I love TV, but you don’t create jack squat by sitting around and watching it.

n a world of devilish thieves, lizard men, and evil necromancers, the blood brothers battle enemies who are determined to destroy them all.
Together again and fighting their rivals, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive are plagued with a new mission. Tasked with stealing a valuable magical artifact from the crypts of the Monarch Castle, the brothers must go undercover and infiltrate the enemy. But pulling off such a meticulous heist may be even too difficult for these brave brothers. Taking on unlikely and untrustworthy allies could result in their immediate death.
As the walls begin to close in, the brothers and their company must defy the odds in order to save themselves. But is their greatest enemy waiting for one false move to take them down once and for all?

Grey Cloak paced through the cozy apartment that Crane had set up for Zora, Dyphestive, and himself. Coffee was brewing on the stove, and Dyphestive sat half-filling the sofa, admiring his statue of Codd. Thanadiliditis, the hermit, sat on the other side of the sofa, stroking Streak’s back, who was nestled in his lap. Leena, a monk from the Ministry of Hoods, was squeezed in between the two men, her typical intense look in her eyes.

Jakoby sat at a small table. The dark-skinned warrior wore an easygoing expression as he sipped a mug of coffee.

“Yonders. Of all things, they have yonders everywhere. It’s going to be impossible to get Codd’s shield out of Monarch Castle unseen,” Grey Cloak said. He’d been muttering to himself ever since he departed the castle, trying to think of ideas for how he could rescue Zora from Irsk Monco, the leader of the Dark Addler. “It’s no wonder you wanted me to see for myself.” He looked dead at Jakoby.

Jakoby, the former Monarch Knight, set his mug aside. “It’s one of those things that you need to see for yourself. You have to understand what you’re up against. Yes, you have the yonders, not to mention the Honor Guard as well. That makes the very notion of stealing Codd’s shield unthinkable.”

Grey Cloak wrung his hands. “It would be doable if it weren’t for the yonders. Flying eyeballs with wings? Who comes up with these things?”

“The castle’s enchanters,” Jakoby replied. “They’re weird people. At least that’s what people say. I only saw the yonders a few times when I was a knight. Spooky.”

Grey Cloak stopped pacing and crossed his arms. “Well, that helps a lot. Thank you. Does anyone else have any useful information that they would like to share? How about you, hermit? You’re awfully quiet. Any ideas?”

Than combed his scaly fingers through his stringy red-streaked white hair. “If I did, I would have shared them. I do think you’re on the right track to infiltrate the castle, but you’ll be on your own once you’re in there. We can’t help, seeing as they’re hunting for us as we speak.”

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