Moon Elder by J.R. Rain, Matthew S. Cox

Moon Elder

Moon Elder (Vampire for Hire Book 22) by J.R. Rain, Matthew S. Cox
English | 2021| Fantasy | ePUB | 3.2 MB

Wealthy, reclusive families seldom hire private investigators for ordinary jobs.

So when a woman from such a family asks Samantha Moon to locate her missing brother, the vampire detective suspects all is not quite as it seems. Indeed, it doesn’t take her long to discover her suspicions prove valid, though she’s not prepared for exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes: straight into the depths of madness.

The trail to the missing brother leads her to bizarre people wielding ancient, unspeakable powers. The very fabric of reality strains to hold back the evil they attempt to unleash on the unsuspecting residents of Anaheim Hills, California.

If Sam doesn’t walk away from this case, she might just lose her sanity… but if she does, the world could be doomed.

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