Moonset by Scott Tracey

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Moonset by Scott Tracey (Legacy of Moonset #1)
English | 2020| Children/Young Adult | Fantasy| ePUB | 1.3 MB

The sins of the parents fall to the children.

Justin and his siblings grew up in the shadows of their parents’ crimes. They saw first-hand the people who were hurt and killed by the Moonset coven. Now in high school, Justin and his siblings have struggled under an environment designed to hold them down. The little magic they’re taught is heavily restricted, and they’re forced to cobble together spells out of novelties while their peers learn to harness the raw power of magic.

All of that comes crashing down when the teens are relocated to Carrow Mill, New York where a disciple of Moonset has seemingly set up shop, and the warlock’s only demand is the return of the Moonset heirs to their rightful place. The covens hope to use Justin and the others as bait to draw out the warlock, or perhaps as a sacrifice caught in the crossfire. Neither option bodes well for Justin, who finds his own thirst for power growing.

Justin must find a way to protect his family from both sides of a resurging war, as well as unravel the secrets of his parents’ history, or they may follow in the steps of Moonset… right into the grave.

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