Morecambe Bay Trilogy 2 Box Set by Paul J. Teague

Morecambe Bay Trilogy 2 Box Set

Morecambe Bay Trilogy 2 Box Set by Paul J. Teague
English | 2021 |Mystery & Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

The second Morecambe Bay series in one collection!

1. Trust Me Once
A tragic accident. A broken woman. The return of a stranger … When a distressed woman is found in an abandoned car at the end of a slipway in Morecambe, the local police are baffled. There’s no trace of her husband or three young children and she has no recollection of what happened. When a stranger turns up in the town twenty years later, thought to be one of the missing children, Charlotte Grayson works with her friend from the local newspaper to piece together the news story which shocked the seaside resort. As the pieces begin to fall into place, Charlotte is stunned to see that a newly recruited DCI Kate Summers had been assigned to work the case in 2000. Only as a young officer, she’d had to conceal a terrible secret – and now it’s caught up with her.

2. Fall From Grace
A missing brother. One bad choice. A desperate hunt for the truth … Forced to go on the run, DCI Kate Summers is fighting for her career and her family. Caught by a mistake made in her youth, she stands to lose everything. But one person still believes in her and she’ll stop at nothing to prove the innocence of her friend. Charlotte Grayson owes Kate Summers her life and she intends to honour her debt. Only there are some new faces in the resort and the story they have to tell will prove damning. Who else will step out from the shadows of the past?

3. Bound By Blood
A family back from the dead. A hunger for vengeance. A mistake that can never be forgiven… Charlotte Grayson is caught up in a race against time. Her husband is being held as a hostage and her friend’s life is in danger because of a mistake made in her youth. But when a ghost from the past returns to haunt the living, the shocking truth is revealed. The whole town thought they knew what happened that night. They were all wrong. When the final truth is revealed, the seaside resort will be shocked by the darkness which lay hidden in plain sight for two decades.

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