Mother of All the Gods by R.P. Wolff

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Mother of All the Gods by R.P. Wolff
English | 2021| Fantasy |ePUB| 7.7 MB

Can you imagine if the United States didn’t have freedom of religion and one religion controlled the country? Would it be Christianity, Islam, or Judaism?Materism, the worship of the Gods of the Sun, Land, and Sea, has taken over the United States as the only religion. Maters brand the foreheads of infidels with the first letter of the infidel’s religion, so they can’t ever escape their initial religious identity. Maters separate nonbelieving children from their parents, and Maters enslaved the families until they truly convert to Materism.Zelda, the evil Mother of all the Gods, is the leader of Materism and the virgin motherof the Gods of the Sun, Land, and Sea. The Gods sent Zelda down to the Earth on the Awakening as spelled out in the Mater scriptures. She appeared to be a helpless baby, but she was anything but helpless. She possessed powers to assert excruciating pain onto men. This power allowed her to eventually take over as President of the United States and to force everyone to convert to Materism on the Conversion day.One of Zelda’s victims is Lance Hampton, a Christian and former governor of Texas. Maters separated him from his family and tortured his teenaged daughter. Lance’s only wish is to seek revenge on Zelda and return to his family. Will Lance and the other infidels fight back?

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