Murder a la Mocha by Sandra Balzo

Murder a la Mocha

Murder a la Mocha: A Coffeehouse Cozy by Sandra Balzo (Maggy Thorsen Mystery #11)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 349 Kb

Murder a la Mocha: Coffee, a canine and a corpse: a bad feeling leads to an even worse discovery when Maggy tries to return a Chihuahua to its owners in the new coffeehouse mystery.

Maggy Thorsen’s evening with her fianc� Sheriff Jake Pavlik and his parents in Chicago takes a dramatic turn when Jake’s mother falls ill, then a Chihuahua jumps in front of Maggy’s car on her drive back to Uncommon Grounds, her Wisconsin coffeehouse. Attempting to return Mocha to her owners, George and Marian Satterwite, the following day, Maggy comes face-to-face with Arial, their dog-sitter and her business partner Sarah’s niece. But something doesn’t feel right . . .

Returning to the property, Maggy and Marian make a shocking discovery. And where are George and Arial? With Jake still in Chicago and Sarah desperate to find her niece, Maggy is soon drawn into another deadly puzzle.

“Which I’m sure is lovely if you’re on the job, stalking criminals. But not being seen by other drivers doesn’t seem to be a good thing.’

A Volvo zipped past on the right and cut back in a little too close for comfort. I slowed my roll. ‘Maybe it’s the color. This gray is just too nondescript—’


Which is really just metallic gray, when you think about it. But we had more important things to worry about. Pavlik’s mom had fallen ill at our dinner in Chicago – something I hoped had nothing to do with our announcing our engagement at that same dinner.

Pavlik and I had driven the ninety miles south from Brookhills, Wisconsin, on Wednesday to spend Thursday with his parents in Chicago and had planned to drive back after our dinner together tonight. It would have been nice to stay another night, but duty called at my coffeehouse on Friday morning with our barista Amy away and just me and my partner, Sarah Kingston, to cover …

OK, that’s all a lie. Or the start of a lie.

Truth was that Amy had offered to come in and cover for me. I’d turned her down. Meeting Pavlik’s folks for the first time was a big step, and even though we didn’t stay with them, I thought it best to keep the visit short and, hopefully, sweet. And if it wasn’t, I had an excuse for us to leave early. Sophomoric? Maybe. But the introduction to my now ex-in-laws hadn’t gone well twenty-some years ago, and I didn’t have any higher hopes for meeting my new beau’s folks. But I did have an escape plan.”

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