Murder at Seminole Pond by Jay Heavner

Murder at Seminole Pond

Murder at Seminole Pond by Jay Heavner (Florida Murder Mystery #4)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

Roger Pyles, forensic expert and part-time crime investigator, is frustrated at finding the wrong bodies just as he’s finally getting his long-awaited archaeological dig started. But unexpected corpses will be the least of the problems he’ll soon face, professional and personal. “These are the times that will try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine said. Will Roger succeed against his newest challenges? Great trials can have the seeds of good hidden deep in them. Little can he realize how these untimely troubles will lead to his next great adventure.

Roger looked at the blooming plant closely. He gave the Seminole Indian a puzzled look, but the Shaman said nothing, turned, and disappeared into the brush like a phantom. Roger stared at the spot where he’d last seen the brown-skinned man. How’s he do that? And why me? Why am I the one to tell their stories, all of them? What’s with the plant? Is it part of the mystery?

As he sat there almost shaking, he saw Roland approaching. When he got near, Roland asked, “Did you have a good nap? I saw you nodding off. No problems with the pump or the stability of the berm to report. I had to take a dump, so I headed for the woods. If you’re gonna have a bunch of people out here digging for bones in your archaeological project, you’re gonna need a port-a-potty or two. Hey, nice orchid. It has a pretty flower and unusual looking too.”

He stopped and looked at Roger. “Did you hear a word I said? You look like you seen a ghost. What’s wrong?”

“No ghost, but a phantom. Ever had the privilege of meeting the Shaman?”

Roland’s eyes grew wide. “The Shaman? So, he’s not a figure of some people’s imagination. I heard of him. Who hasn’t? No wonder you look like you do. Wish I’d seen him. What did he want?”

“He said I’d been chosen. The people in the swamp want me to tell their story, all of them, and he handed me this orchid. Don’t know if it’s a gift or what. It is Valentine’s Day. He sure ain’t my valentine. Don’t even know if his tribe does Valentine’s Day. Guess I could give it to my girlfriend, if I had one.”

“Now, that’s downright odd and spooky.”

“It is. The first time I met him, he said something similar then about the ancient ones, but this time he added the part about all of them wanting me to tell their stories. That guy’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle.”

“What do you think he meant by all of them?’

“I think we better take a closer look at that thing you saw in the water.”

“I was thinkin’ the same thing.”

Roger set the orchid on the ground and got up from the chair. They walked to the edge of the pond. Roger said, “I see it, and I think I can make it over there.”

“Be careful. Looks can be deceiving. Test the bottom. Don’t trust it. I saw places like this while in Vietnam. We lost some guys along the Mekong in the mud. I got some rope. You can tie it around your waist. If you do fall through, I can pull you out, but I hope we don’t need to.”

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