Murder Before Marriage by Raven Snow

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Murder Before Marriage by Raven Snow (Lainswich Witches #19)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB, .PDF| 2.1 MB

Desmond is getting married. Normally, Rowen wouldn’t much care what her father is up to since he’s never played a large role in her life. She had never even met him until recently. When she learns that he’s marrying the wealthy Gabriella May, however, it’s hard to look the other way.

Surely Gaby will catch on that Desmond is more interested in what’s in her bank account than what’s in her heart. Won’t she? It’s starting to look unlikely.

Tiffany Greensmith making her way back into the town of Lainswich complicates things further. She was supposed to sign the divorce papers. That was it. Instead, she and Desmond are catching up on old times.

Rowen tries to keep her distance and mind her own business, but when Gaby’s assistant turns up dead in the parking lot of the local library, that becomes impossible. If Rowen wants to figure out what happened, she’s going to have to stick her nose into her parent’s love life. She really couldn’t think of anything she’d rather do less.

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