Murder By Drone by Pamela M. Arnold

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Murder By Drone by Pamela M. Arnold (Biddy and Justin #5)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

This mature but lively pair of Australian espionage agents are embroiled once again with arch ISIS enemy Suzette, who entices Biddy on horseback onto the desirable next-door property . . . and into a trap of attack by drone.

Despite a broken wrist and head scans, Biddy refuses to stay in hospital and enlists the usual intriguing characters for help. They uncover Suzette’s scheme to kill innocent South Australian Anzac Day crowds with drone swarms.

The German House described in this story is based on a century-old property that the author owned and took twelve years to restore, but it took only twenty minutes to be razed by the Ash Wednesday fire of 1983. As in the story, the author won both National Trust and State Heritage awards. Antiques were lost, but the horses were saved, as was the family dog. Badly singed, the author says of their dog, “We knew he was ours because he had one blue and one brown eye.”

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