Murder by Illusion by Giles Ekins

 Murder by Illusion

Murder by Illusion by Giles Ekins
English | 2021 |Mystery & Thriller| ePUB | 3.4 MB

:Giles Ekins was born in the North East of England and qualified as an Architect in London. Subsequently he spent many years living and working in Northern Nigeria, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain working on the design and construction of various projects including schools, hospitals, leisure centres, shopping malls and most particularly highly prestigious hotels.

Failing stage illusionist Charlie Chilton is offered the opportunity of a lifetime by the mysterious Asmodeus Tchort. Despite doubts that the deal ‘looks to good to be true’ Chilton accepts Tchort’s offer. The promised success soon follows but then something is amiss. Chilton is haunted by savage nightmares – and gruesome murders dog his trail as he tours his new act around the country. Has the magician become a murderer? And just who is the mysterious Asmodeus Tchort?

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