Murder LLC by Bryan Cassiday

 Murder LLC

Murder LLC by Bryan Cassiday (Scott Brody Thriller Book 2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Bryan Cassiday writes thrillers and horror fiction. His short story “Boxed” was published in the anthology Shadows and Teeth Volume Two, which won both the 2017 International Book Award for best adult horror fiction anthology and the Florida Association of Publishers and Authors President’s Award gold medal for best adult horror fiction anthology 2017.

A Los Angeles private detective tracks a missing person to Las Vegas and becomes entangled in an international conspiracy to oust the president of the United States.
Brunette bombshell Araceli hires Scott Brody PI to find her missing brother Damian, whose life is endangered in the neon-lit playground of Vegas. To save Damian, Brody must contend with Mafia leg breakers, feds, a murderous deep state cabal, CIA spooks, and a sicario hit team. Everybody, it seems, wants a piece of Damian, and they’ll kill anyone who gets in their way.

Damian was carrying four hundred thousand dollars in a traveling bag and was sweating bullets as he approached the blackjack tables in Paris Las Vegas. 

A trio of half-naked girls were cavorting on a stage in the middle of the eight tables that surrounded them, as Jefferson Airplane’s rock classic “White Rabbit” pounded its beat throughout the casino accompanied by Grace Slick’s vibrant voice.  Spotlights mounted in the ceiling bathed the girls’ marmoreal flesh in amaranth pink light.

At the end of the stage was a stationary roulette wheel, its croupier in a low-cut pink satin bustier looking lonely without any bettors at her station.

Erstwhile car mechanic turned cop growing up in El Tapatio, Mexico, Damian had come to the decision he didn’t cotton to being on the impecunious side of the law and had switched sides. 

Now, at twenty-five years of age, the five-nine Damian was transporting the cash for his current boss of the Jalisco New Generation cartel, Don Gaetano Obrador Ramirez, who had ordered him to launder the drug money in a Vegas casino.  Don Gaetano’s orders were simple.

Damian was to buy four hundred thousand dollars’ worth of casino chips, place a few skimpy bets at a poker table, and cash out.  That was all Damian had to do to earn his paycheck.  Or he could buy smaller amounts of chips and cash them in at different casinos on the Vegas Strip until he had laundered all of the illicit drug money.  Then Don Gaetano would tell him where to deliver the clean money.

If Damian failed to complete his assignment, Don Gaetano had made it clear that he would order Damian’s mother and girlfriend both shot in the head, not before having them gang-raped.

His pulse skyrocketing, his adrenaline coursing, Damian wanted to get this over with.  He had never in his life held this much money in his hands.  It was a heady kick.  He felt like an acrophobe standing on the skimpy ledge of a skyscraper a hundred stories up and looking down, fearing he would fall any second—nothing more than his life at stake. 

He had no wish to spend the entire week visiting different casinos to wash the cash.  He didn’t think his heart could endure the turmoil for a week without suffering cardiac arrest.  He wanted to launder the cash all at once.  Here.  At the Paris Casino.  With the voluptuous dancers in their pink thongs watching him.

Not that they were watching him.  They were too busy doing their numbers on the stage.

Why was he so nervous? he wondered.  All he had to do was place a couple of bets, cash out, and wait for Don Gaetano’s next orders.  What was so scary about that?

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