Murder Of Angels by Jack Gatland

 Murder Of Angels

Murder Of Angels (Detective Inspector Declan Walsh #2) by Jack Gatland
English | 2021| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.2 MB

I’m Jack Gatland. You might not have heard of me, but I’ve been writing under other names for over thirty years. Now, I’m writing a new series of Crime Thrillers starring Detective Inspector Declan Walsh, recently seconded to the City of London Police department known as the Last Chance Saloon.

One murder… One suspect… One victim… Yet two identical bodies have been found…
For DI Declan Walsh, life is finally returning to normal. Finding a home at DCI Alexander Monroe’s Last Chance Saloon Crime Unit, Declan and his team; DS Anjli Kapoor, DC Billy Fitzwarren, Doctor Rosanna Marcos and her assistant DC Joanne Davey are still recovering from the fallout connected to their most recent case, while Declan is cleaning out his late father’s home in order to move in.
But when Derek Salmon, Declan’s old mentor, now terminally ill with cancer arrives at Declan’s old Crime Unit confessing to a gruesome kidnapping and murder in London six months earlier on the condition that Declan himself takes on the case, Declan and his colleagues find themselves in a race against time to not only prove Derek’s innocence, but also to find the real killer before a violent gang war breaks out over it; for Angela Martin, the 17 year old victim was the girlfriend of Moses Delcourt, heir to a crime empire and main rival of Macca Byrne, the teenage drug lord of Birmingham.
But here things take a strange turn when another witness appears, claiming that he knows where Angela Martin’s body is buried; in the process revealing another body in Birmingham, Gabrielle Chapman, identical in every way – including DNA, tattoos and long repaired skiing injuries.
Now, with both North London and South Birmingham becoming battlegrounds and with vendettas reaching boiling point, Declan Walsh must delve back into the world of Johnny and Jackie Lucas, the East End ‘Twins’ as Declan tries to discover how one victim can have two identical bodies.
And at the same time, he has to deal with a deadly secret involving his late father’s murder, an ex-girlfriend with a very personal request and his daughter’s first date…

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