Murder on Maternity by Holly Greenland

Murder on Maternity

Murder on Maternity by Holly Greenland (Emily Elliot Mystery #1)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Being a new mum is hard. It’s even harder when you are hot on the trail of a serial killer…

It is a beautiful summer and Emily has just begun maternity leave. She has big plans to batch cook organic meals, play enriching baby games and power walk with her stroller in the sunshine. But Emily is surprised to find that life with a new baby is exhausting, lonely and often a bit, well… boring.

That is until she meets Tabetha Tate through her NCT baby class, a no-nonsense detective on maternity leave from the CID. With Emily’s love of murder mysteries and late-night true crime, the two click. And when Tabetha receives an anonymous letter from Mr Naughty she enlists Emily’s help. The new friends juggle breast feeding and nappy changes with the hunt for a killer – but will they become the next targets?

Suddenly there was a bustle at the door and the other mums came in chatting and laughing, with partners dragging a little behind doing some awkward man-bonding.

‘Come on in ladies and gents,’ called Jen from the door to the room. As I entered, I could see knitted breasts laid out on every other seat, along with a range of ethnically diverse dolls.

‘Dad’s turn to have a go at breastfeeding today!’ she smiled brightly as we walked in, which was when I realised Dan hadn’t made it.

‘Tabetha, Emily, you two pair up for now,’ she called, as we took our seats.

While some of the other pairs seriously got down to business, trying different holds and asking about how long to wait before burping, I worked on getting a grip on who Tabetha was. I tried to get her talking, or even to laugh, but she barely said a word. She followed Jen’s instructions quickly and efficiently, then took any quiet moment to check her phone and fire off messages.

One bleep elicited a barely audible ‘for fuck’s sake’ and she headed out of the room to make a call, while Jen came over to talk through how to manually hand pump milk in case the baby didn’t latch straight away, helpfully adding another terrifying activity to my new-motherhood list.

Just before the end of the session Tabetha snuck back in as the local health visitor, a mousy woman called Tilly, talked us through some of the more scientific parts of birthing. I focused on trying to take in all the information, nodding seriously as Tilly talked through what would happen as the baby arrived.

She was a typical healthcare pro, talking comfortably about all things bodily that my instinct was to ignore and certainly not discuss in a big group. She pointed expertly at giant pictures of babies’ heads coming out of a range of different women’s lady parts. I’d never seen so many vaginas. Or any now I come to think of it. And these weren’t drawings, they were actual photos.

I looked around the room, but it seemed to just be me who found it hard not to smirk at the words that I would have found hilarious in a real-world conversation – ‘nipple’, ‘vagina’, even ‘cervix’ made me wince.

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