Murder with Clotted Cream by Karen Rose Smith

Murder with Clotted Cream

Murder with Clotted Cream by Karen Rose Smith (Daisy’s Tea Garden Mystery #5)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Karen Rose Smith was born on December 21 in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.. Althoughshe was an only child, she remembers the bonds of an extended family. Sheand her parents lived with her grandfather and aunt until she was five, whenher parents built a house next door. Since her father came from a family often and her mother, a family of seven, there were always aunts, uncles, andcousins visiting on weekends. Family is a strong theme in her books and shesuspects her childhood memories are the reason. As a teenager, music becameas important to Karen Rose as reading. The Beatles were her favourite group.But she and her cousin took their first sojourn into writing bycollaborating on a script for The Monkees television program. They sent thatscript to every concert venue where the group appeared that summer!

A catering job has come in for Daisy’s Tea Garden in Pennsylvania’s Amish country—but death will be served before dessert . . .

Margaret Vaughn has hired Daisy to provide afternoon tea for her theater group. A local girl who left long ago for an acting career in New York, Margaret has returned home—with a multimillionaire husband in tow. But while Daisy bustles around Margaret’s historic farmhouse, she senses that there’s tension behind the scenes. Then she discovers the hostess on the floor of the pantry—dead and covered with clotted cream. Barely recovered from her previous sleuthing adventure, Daisy joins forces with the former detective she’s been dating to help solve the case. Should she cast suspicion on the stars of the upcoming play? Can Margaret’s sister shine a spotlight on potential culprits? Or are there clues to be found in the victim’s past? With plenty of family stress of her own to deal with, all Daisy knows is she better act fast . . .

“But what if Margaret doesn’t like the apple gingerbread with clotted cream?” Aunt Iris asked Daisy as they stood at the sales counter of Daisy’s Tea Garden. Daisy Swanson was co-owner of Daisy’s Tea Garden with her aunt Iris. Willow Creek, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, experienced a thriving tourist trade even into November and December if the weather held. However, business was sporadic in November and Daisy was glad to accept catering events in order to keep up their revenue around the holidays. She knew her aunt Iris was worried about one such catering event coming up in a few days. They were concerned about all of their events being as perfect as they could make them, but the woman who had hired them to present afternoon tea in her historic farmhouse had a reputation. Margaret Vaughn, former New York City actress, was particular. There were only a few customers in the tea garden at nine a.m. on a Monday morning. Still, Iris lowered her voice. “Since Margaret’s husband built her that theater, and she made herself director of their productions, she’s even more persnickety. What if she doesn’t like what we serve? We worked on that clotted cream for three days!” Iris’s ash-blond short curls bounced with vehemence. Daisy’s friend Vanna Huffnagle, Willow Creek Community Church’s secretary, had recommended Daisy to her sister, Margaret. Margaret had insisted on genuine clotted cream for the catered tea. Daisy had assured her that they would oblige. Her aunt Iris was correct. The clotted cream was a lot of work to make. To buy it would be terrifically expensive. Daisy had wanted to give Margaret a competitive quote so she wouldn’t choose someone else to cater her event. She didn’t intend to disappoint either Vanna or the very exacting Margaret. Daisy took the elastic tie from her shoulder-length blond hair and refastened it into a low ponytail. “Vanna told me that she and Margaret don’t always get along. I know too well sisters can be like oil mixing with water. I got the impression that they hadn’t had much contact at all during Margaret’s acting years in New York. It’s only since Margaret married Rowan Vaughn and they moved to Willow Creek that she and Vanna see each other frequently.” Iris swept around the counter and counted the scones that were inside the case. Then her hazel eyes met Daisy’s blue ones. “Even though Vanna left her Mennonite faith behind when she married her husband, she adhered to its values. Margaret didn’t.” “Just because she wanted an acting career didn’t mean she left her values behind,” Daisy offered, slipping her hands into the pockets of her yellow apron with its large daisy logo.

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