Music, Murder, and Small Town Romance by K.C. Hart

 Music, Murder, and Small Town Romance

Music, Murder, and Small Town Romance by K.C. Hart (A Katy Cross Cozy Mystery) Paperback – August 5, 2020
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

K.C. feels that her love of storytelling was nurtured by her family growing up where she spent a lot of afternoons singing while her dad played the guitar and listening and laughing to the tall tales shared by her mother, brothers, or any neighbor who happened to stop by.

Katy Cross, Skeeterville’s favorite home health nurse, cannot figure out how her little band, The Moonlighters, snagged a spot in the town’s yearly Battle of the Bands concert. But this mystery soon takes second fiddle when a body is found in the high school auditorium during practice for the competition.
After last year’s brush with death, Katy is determined to focus on her music and keep her nose out of the investigation. But when the town sweetheart is thrown in the slammer, her friends start singing a different tune. Can Katy weed through all the town gossip to find the real killer? Or will another one of SKeeterville’s citizens be taken home to glory?
Book two in the cozy mystery series from K.C. Hart follows the antics of amateur sleuth Katy Cross, along with her husband, her opinionated and very vocal elderly patients, and her band, The Moonlighters.

he following Saturday, Misty’s high-heeled sandals clunked out a steady rhythm as she walked beside Katy down the aisle of the high school auditorium. Two representatives from each band were supposed to meet with Rob Clay and the chairman of the PTO to go over the rules of the competition and schedule practices.

Tubby Robinson and Joe Phobs smiled as Katy and Misty walked up. Tubby had taken over The Wildcats last year after Jessa Williams died, renaming the band Tubby and the Tubs. It turned out that Joe, who had never been in a band before, sounded a whole lot like Dwight Yoakum. He was quickly recruited to sing backup and play the bass.

Katy looked down at her black tennis shoes and then across at her best friend’s cute, stylish high heels. Last year Katy had a close call when Jessa’s killer had tried to do her in. She had been in an orthopedic boot for several weeks, recovering from an injured ankle caused in her struggle with the murderer. She knew that she probably wouldn’t have been wearing heels even if her ankle wasn’t a little weak now. The tennis shoes she wore to see her home health patients were just fine to wear with blue jeans and tee-shirts on her days off.

She smiled to herself as they stepped closer to the rest of the band winners. She was thankful Misty had insisted they keep practicing through her recuperation time. The Moonlighters had come over faithfully two times a week and practiced at Katy’s house until she was well enough physically and emotionally to be out and about again.

“Congratulations Mrs. Katy, Mrs. Misty,” Tubby said, as he and Joe stuck out their hands to the ladies for a shake. “Now The Tubs won’t be the only new kids on the stage.”

The ladies shook hands with the other participants, as well as Edna Morse, the wife of the town coroner, and also head of the PTO.

“Okay,” Edna exclaimed, as she looked around the group. “Everyone is here except Rob, who is late as usual. Everybody just take a seat on the front row and we’ll get started. If he doesn’t show up soon, I’ll give him a call.”

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