Mystery in the Darkest Shadow by Beth Byers

Mystery in the Darkest Shadow

Mystery in the Darkest Shadow by Beth Byers (The Mysteries of Severine DuNoir Book 3)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller Cozy | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Beth Byers is a lover of unique flavors, baking, and experimenting with recipes. These loves are only surpassed by her love of books.

October 1925
The hunt for the person who killed Severine’s parents continues, and things are intensifying. She’s finally got a direction along with the most unexpected of helpers. Will she be able to find out why they were killed?
As she presses forward, she again encounters the man in the shadows. Who is this person who is trying to stop her from learning more about what was happening when her parents died? Why is he invested enough to find her—and others—expendable? And just what will happen if she continues?

Perhaps in a day or two, Chantae would be up to getting out of bed, but Severine would prefer if the woman lingered in bed. She wasn’t, really, all that old herself. She’d been but sixteen-years-old when Lisette was born, and Lisette was but a year older than Severine. Chantae was a vital woman, and her recovery would be reasonably fast. Chantae, however, had been the last of fourteen children that Edmée had borne. It was a blessing that it had been Chantae struck and not Edmée, Severine thought, attempting to channel her beloved nuns.

The less-believing part of her heart, however, thought how wonderful it would have been if no one had been hurt at all. She swallowed thickly and set the soup to simmering before facing Lisette.

“I’m sorry your mama got hurt in my house, helping me.”

“She hated her work before here, Severine,” Lisette said and Severine realized her friend had struggled to rest as much as Severine had. That must be why the circles under her eyes were so dark. Severine would have been tempted to smack her head if the headache weren’t lingering at the back of her mind.

Lisette started making coffee for everyone, but Severine suggested tea instead. They, all of them, needed to rest. Chicory coffee might be comforting, but Severine needed to sleep or she’d be worthless. They needed a plan, they needed some way ahead, they needed to feel safe again, and Severine didn’t think such a day would happen until they were able to sleep, even if they took turns keeping watch.

The idea paused Severine and then she went back to work. It wasn’t long before she’d placed a crock of soup and a platter of biscuits in the dining room while Lisette carried up the tea trays.

Severine stared at her bowl of soup and then around at the table. It was the first time they’d gathered to eat again since they’d been invaded and the memories were striking her hard and fast. By the look on Mr. Brand’s face, he was feeling the same. Mr. Oliver looked worried, Lisette tired, but Edmée was staunchly eating her soup as though nothing at all distressing had happened.

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