Mystery Island by Jim Ody

Mystery Island

Mystery Island by Jim Ody
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

He writes dark psychological/thrillers that have endings that you won’t see coming, and favours stories packed with wit. If you look closely, all of his books are connected…

The Island of dark secrets lies close to Maui. Few have ventured there, fewer have returned.
With a map in hand, extreme-sports enthusiasts, Kyle and Donna, descend to the depths of the Pacific Ocean in search of treasure. Will they find it? And will they survive?
Peering eyes are everywhere, lurking and in wait, ready to take back what’s theirs.
Some things are better left buried.

My friends are often confused by us. They love Donna, but they agree they could never date her. She’s too full on. Sure, they all agree she looks great. She has hair bleached blonde by the sun, and a face full of cute freckles, but whereas you might expect her to have pale skin, hers goes golden at the very sight of sun. She’s what the Beach Boys sung about if she’d come from California.

But Donna has a secret she’s only ever shared with me. As a teen she was sexually abused by her father. Later, she ran off with a guy who regularly beat her. So maybe I give her some extra slack. I know some people might say I’m an idiot to put up with her shit, but I know deep down there’s a beautiful heart. A heart that isn’t always cold and black. Bound in bandages, and scared at being hurt again.

Sometimes, she forgets herself and the world around her. She goes into survival mode, and it’s usually me who suffers. I’m like a punk song. What was the line in The Offspring song, about being a sucker with low self-esteem. Yeah, well that sucker is me.

“You want another?” The barman asked me. I say barman, but he’s my buddy Eddie. He owns this joint called Capers. It’s a large bar that plays live music and has an American diner attached to it.

I shrug, “I guess so.”

He nods over to Donna. “You buying her one too?” he’s doing his best to help the harmony of sweet love. He’s a good man. He’s had his own ups and downs with women. But what man hasn’t?

“Whatever you think, buddy?”

He grins. I know what he thinks. He’s a clever guy. He’s also a fantastic tattoo artist, usually found down the road at his tattoo shop artistically needling ink into the skin of the brave, or foolhardy depending on your beliefs. He’s only helping out tonight as his regular barman has landed himself on a reality television show. Eddie’s recruiting for a replacement. He’s not expecting him back. Starry eyes rarely look to the past.

Eddie puts the glass gently down onto the bar. “Why’s she over there, and you’re sat over here?” he says, but lets it hang in the air as he makes a Jack and cola. He knows. He gets it. He likes to act like a shrink, and get me to come to his conclusions.

“She has attractive friends,” I mumble sipping the drink. I’m not lying either – apart from Sheena. With all due respect, Sheena’s a fucking pig. She drags their average right down.

“She’s letting off steam,” he says trying a touch of diplomacy. “But she’s going home with you tonight, right?” and then he shouts over. “Hey Donna! This handsome guy at the bar just bought you a drink!”

She looks up shocked, and then grins. She nods to her friends and comes over like a whirlwind. She turns heads, and makes eyes wander.

“Yep, looks like I got lucky,” I mutter as she walks up. And you know what? I actually feel proud that we’re together.

“Thanks,” she says with a wink. She knocks it back, and slams the glass onto the bar with a bang.

“You better take me home then, cowboy!” she says to me, holding out her hand as an invitation. Like a fool I take it, ignoring the catcalls from the slut-squad of singletons left giggling, and later scrambling for replacement batteries for their vibrators.

I’m drunk. We’re about to have explosive sex. But for the first time ever my mind is wandering. It’s her fault, as always.

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