Mystic Coven: Fire Festival by Jennifer Rose McMahon

Mystic Coven

Mystic Coven: Fire Festival by Jennifer Rose McMahon (Supernatural Academy Graduates Book 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.3 MB

When a rogue witch tries to find her way, she knows the autumn equinox is her time to rise–Bring on the season of the witch.
Graduating from the supernatural academy at the bottom of her class forced Shaye to practice her own kind of magic, turning her already mixed-up world upside down. Having no mastery of her fire element and a tarnished reputation to boot, she’s left at a crossroads– go rogue with her psychic abilities or challenge those who betrayed her and reclaim her true status.
At first, proving herself at the Fire Festival trials was her primary focus, until being blindsided by the storm of a wailing banshee, a forbidden labyrinth, and a new academy recruit who holds secrets that rattle her to the core. And with the distraction of the academy’s most elite graduate, she continues to struggle with the spontaneous combustion in her palms that keeps derailing her.
With the Fire Festival approaching, Shaye’s senses sharpen as her enemies close in. With the Ring of Fire lunar eclipse marking the date of the festival, Shaye knows it’s the one time of year that she may have a shot at her redemption. If only she could control her fire, her passion, and her impulsivity.
Will Shaye get the chance to become the gifted mystic she’s meant to be, or will she be blackballed and forever labeled a misguided rogue?

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