Nazi Magician: Inventor by Ward Wagher

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Nazi Magician: Inventor by Ward Wagher (Series Books 1 )
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 1.3 MB

Dieter Faust, a laboratory researcher in Nazi Germany, has discovered an unsuspected source of energy and invents new machines to take advantage of the energy. He invents a laser gun as well as a personal shield. The thing is, the machines logically should not work. But, they do.While walking to work one morning, Dieter rescues a young Jewish girl who has been assaulted by several Gestapo agents. He is able to find her a job in the lab so he can continue to protect her. The SS takes control of the project and treats Dieter well. But he is well aware that the Jews are disappearing from Germany. Jette, the young girl, begs him to take her away from Germany to the United States.He wonders what Rolf, the SS Major in charge of the project, thinks about the girl. But, he understands quickly when the major tells Dieter to stay away from the girl. Dieter and his friend, Florian, begin planning an escape. Their plans are shaken by a final confrontation with Rolf and the SS.Inventor is the exciting first book of a new series by Ward Wagher.

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