Nearly A Murder by Beth Byers

 Nearly A Murder

Nearly A Murder by Beth Byers (The Violet Carlyle Mysteries #22)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Beth Byers is a lover of unique flavors, baking, and experimenting with recipes. These loves are only surpassed by her love of books.

Violet and Jack have determined upon an adventure. In a moment of sheer madness, they and their friends find a steamship leaving the country with room for them and board without even being certain of where they’re going.
One would think that would be the oddest thing about their trip. Only at the disembarking party, a couple enters the room and then stumbles down the stairs of the ballroom. It seems that they’ve both been poisoned. Only whoever has poisoned them chose a different poison for each. Who is this mad poisoner and when will they strike again?

“Where do you want to go?” Rita asked, her sapphire blue eyes wide with a joy that reflected her love of traveling.

One might not imagine that the golden-haired, elegant, high-fashioned Rita was such an adventuress, but it was easy for her to set aside her pearls and her high-heeled shoes for something meant for a safari or a jungle.

Until Vi met Rita, Vi had considered herself something of a world traveler. She’d learned better since those early days. Even still, Vi felt the same flash of excitement. It wasn’t so much the taking of a trip that was unusual for them, but the suddenness of it. They’d considered going back to London when Jack’s casual aside opened up the idea of anywhere in the world.

“Morocco?” Rita tried to ask casually. “Oh! America?”

Vi hid a snort when she saw Rita’s heel bouncing despite her attempt at a casual tone. Of them all, Rita had a passion for seeing and experiencing the world that left the rest as permanent dilettantes.

“Cuba,” Victor suggested immediately. “I could use more rum.”

“We can buy rum here,” Kate told him, with the casual cruelty of a wife who knew exactly how much rum he had in their stuffed cellars.

“I like to buy it myself.” Victor’s unoffended ease with Kate’s aside showed when he lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. “Are you up to traveling, love?”

“I think so,” Kate replied, letting her hand drop onto where their next baby was growing. “I shouldn’t like to be left behind.”

Vi had to agree. The first time Kate had been expecting, she’d been so ill that Violet still shuddered at the memory. And to be honest with herself, Kate’s illness was one of the major reasons why Vi was so careful about avoiding pregnancy herself. This last pregnancy, however, Kate had an experienced nanny who knew exactly what to do to keep Kate from constantly sicking up. She was still ill, just not to a debilitating extent.

“The Amalfi coast?” Jack asked.

They were known to slip down to the Italian coast, enjoy the villa that Aunt Agatha had left to Vi, and then slip home. Rita and Vi shook their heads in unison. The villa was a home away from home. It was their version of a hunting or fishing cabin.

“That’s not adventurous enough,” Vi said as she leaned back. “Not now. Dreaming has taken over, and we’re going exotic, I think, darling.”

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