Necrotech by Chris Fox


Necrotech by Chris Fox (Magitech Legacy Book 3)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

The Unseen Fleets Come and Worlds Burn
The Unliving are implacable. Unreasonable. No one knows what they want, beyond souls, and bone for their war machines and ships. Now they’ve set their sights on the Inurans, and hey, I couldn’t wish an army of necromancers on a better target.
There’s just one problem.
I’m trapped on the Inuran Trade Moon, and the necromancers are attacking. Even if I can get the minister back to her ship we’ll still need to find a way to fight their flagship. That’s going to be tough to do without enough magic to power the Word of Xal.
If I pull it off I think I get a bonus though. Also, there’s that living thing.

She did, however, send a platoon of her best hatchlings to help us storm the bridge and use the Web of Divinity to contact the Confederacy. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Remember me mentioning that the swarm of billions of spiders was insane? Well, it hates Cinaka and the arachnidrakes, and I’d been friendly with both groups. That meant the swarm suddenly saw me as an enemy, and the spiders decided they wanted to wipe us out.

That’s where Kurz had his breakdown, but he got through it. I was impressed and proud of him for facing what he did and coming out the other side.

We clawed our way back to the bridge, and I used the Web of Divinity to break the Inuran jamming. The cost was high. I took some of the insanity into me. I can feel it. Right now. It hasn’t receded or changed. It hasn’t gotten worse, but it isn’t getting better.

I missived a goddess named Voria, and explained the situation. If I thought my mother or the headmistress were intimidating, then this woman put them to shame. This woman could probably have them both bowing and simpering with a single glance. She scary.

Voria called in a single man. Or god, rather. A guy by the name of Crewes. Crewes brought his buddy Aran, another demon god, and proceeded to wipe the hold with Bortel’s forces, saving the kids at Highspire.

I had two pretty cool pivotal bits that I added to the battle. First, we used the tobacco in Bortel’s vape pen to track him, and then teleported him from commanding his forces into our brig, which denied his forces a leader during combat.

Bortel told me all about Jolene, the leader of the Inuran forces. He gave me everything we needed to assault her cruiser and deal with the woman who’d both blown up our planet and conspired to steal our legacy, the fleet itself.

Crazy as it sounds, I assembled a strike force of arachnidrakes, hatchlings, and my crew. We stormed that ship…and promptly failed. We almost reached the bridge, but were stopped by a ward that prevented teleportation.

Desperate and out of options I did what any smart adventurer does. I prayed to a demon goddess and begged for help. What could possibly go wrong?

Nara showed up and made a covenant with me. If I agreed to protect and spread knowledge, and to visit her on the Husk of Xal when I become a demigod, then she’d give me the power to survive the current situation.

I agreed. The ask didn’t seem that big. If I never become a demigod, then all I have to do is protect books. I do that anyway.

I used my new weaken miracle to punch through the deck, and we stormed the bridge and wiped out the defenders. To be honest it was all a little too easy, so on a hunch I scryed the past hour until I figured out the truth.

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