Never Ever Tell by Kirsty Ferguson

Never Ever

Never Ever Tell by Kirsty Ferguson
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

She’d do anything for her boy…
Vanessa Sawyer knows all about pain. She’s felt it every day since marrying the boy who fathered her baby in high school. All he’s meant are broken bones, broken heart and broken dreams. But he also brought her the love of her life. When her son Wren was born, her baby boy was her salvation.
Vanessa watches Wren grow and become a young man she can be proud of. Until one night everything changes, including Wren. One night that her son refuses to speak of. Now Vanessa can’t rest, not until she uncovers the secret that her son has been hiding from her.
Will she find the answers she’s searching for or will her quest for the truth take her to a dark place where all hope is lost?
One evil act. One tragedy. Lives destroyed forever.

Life wasn’t meant to be easy. This was the realization that Vanessa Sawyer had come to. Nothing in her life had turned out the way she had planned, except motherhood, and even then, it had not been an easy road. But she loved her kids, Wren and Ty. They had saved her; they were the reason she woke up in the morning.

She’d married young, just gone eighteen. Mark, her husband, had been in her year at high school and had been dating her best friend Maggie for months. He was nice, charming, popular, and she’d had a crush on him for a while. Looking back, Vanessa could now admit that it was him who had put this whole thing in motion, but she had allowed it by letting herself be swayed by his advances. And she had paid for it.

The high-school dance. An evening of supposedly innocent fun, that ended up staying with Vanessa forever. Maggie left the dance early, saying she didn’t feel well. Mark called her parents to ask them to come and get her. Tucking her into the back seat of the car, he kissed her cheek like a good boyfriend. A truly good boyfriend would have driven her home himself, but he didn’t want to. That much was obvious. Perhaps Vanessa’s entire relationship with Mark would never have happened had he driven Maggie home, but then she would never have fallen pregnant with Wren, her beautiful boy. When Mark strolled back into the hall, his eyes caught hers. He reached for her upper arm and held it firmly. She felt the electricity between them, the thrill of the unexpected and forbidden. He rubbed his thumb along her skin in a way that was entirely too familiar. She tried to pull away.

‘Come with me,’ he said, just loud enough so only she could hear him. Vanessa saw the heat, the desire in his eyes as he led her out into the cool evening air. Outside, the thumping music was muted, and fractured clouds streamed across the moon, casting dappled light onto their clandestine meeting.

Mark pushed a tendril of hair from Vanessa’s face and tucked it behind her ear. Again, she felt the magnetism of his illicit touch. His fingers trailed lightly down her cheek, coming to rest on her shoulder. His other hand slid protectively around her waist as he pulled her close, like a real lover, swaying her gently, slow dancing with her under the privacy of the evening sky. At that moment, she felt like she was the only girl in the world. Nothing bad could ever happen to her. She was pretty, popular, and worthy of being in Mark’s arms. Her body begged for his touch, craved it. She wanted to taste him, run her hands over his body, claim what wasn’t hers to claim. She knew it was wrong, but she could no more leave the comfort of his arms than the sun could stop its ascent into the breaking morning sky. It was only the two of them, locked in an embrace that threatened to tear their worlds apart. Vanessa molded her body to his. Her heart raced as his hand moved lower, curving over her hip. The universe didn’t exist outside of their bubble; a bubble she wasn’t going to break.

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