Never Forget by Michel Bussi

Never Forget

Never Forget by Michel Bussi
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.4 MB

Revenge is worth waiting for…
Jamal loves to run. But one morning – as he is training on a path winding up a steep cliff – he stumbles across a woman in distress.
It’s a matter of seconds: suddenly she is falling through the air, crashing on the beach below.
Jamal is only an unlucky bystander – or is he?
His version of events doesn’t seem to fit with what other eyewitnesses claim to have seen. And how to explain the red scarf carefully arranged around the dead woman’s neck?
Perhaps this was no accident after all.
Or perhaps there is something more sinister afoot – a devilish plan decades in the making, masterminded by someone hell-bent on revenge.

Cashmere. Burberry . . . This scrap of fabric was worth a small fortune! Jamal delicately detached the scarf from the fence and decided that he would take it back to the Sirène with him. André Jozwiak knew everyone in Yport, he would know if someone had lost it. And if it wasn’t claimed, Jamal would keep it. He stroked the fabric as he continued his run. Once he was back home in La Courneuve, he doubted he would risk wearing it over his tracksuit. In his neighbourhood, someone would rip your head off for a € 500 cashmere scarf! But he would no doubt find a pretty girl who’d be happy to wear it.

As he drew near the blockhouse, to his right a small flock of sheep turned their heads in his direction. They were waiting for the grass to thaw with a lobotomised look which reminded him of the idiots at he worked with, standing by the microwave at lunchtime.

Just past the blockhouse, Jamal saw the girl.

He immediately gauged the distance between her and the edge of the cliff. Less than a metre! She was standing on the precipice, looking down at a sheer drop of over a hundred metres. His brain reeled, calculating the risks: the incline to the void, the frost on the grass. The girl was more at risk here than she would have been standing on the ledge of the highest window of a thirty-storey building.

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