Never Never by Selene Charles

Never Never

Never Never by Selene Charles (The Grimm Files Book 5)
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

Elle is back but everything has changed. Banished from Grimm, sent to Never, and not told why or even what she’s supposed to do there, all she knows is that nothing is the same. Crowley’s been bonded with an ancient evil and they still don’t know why or what that might mean for his future. Hatter is just as lost about their banishment as she is. The only thing they know is that they’re now wardens to two of the most notorious criminals Grimm has ever known, Hook and the Sea Hag. Why? That’s the riddle Elle is desperate to solve. Thankfully Never is an uninhabited island. Or so she thought, until the bodies started to show up and Elle’s worst fears is that the killer can only be one of them, but who?

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