New Frontiers: The Complete Series (1-3) by Jasper T. Scott

New Frontiers:

The End of the Line by Gillian Galbraith
English | 2019 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.2 Mb

Jasper Scott is the USA Today best-selling author of more than 13 novels. He primarily writes science fiction and is most famous for his Dark Space series, which has been translated into German and Japanese and has over 300,000 books sold to date.Jasper was born and raised in Canada by South African parents, with a British cultural heritage on his mother’s side and German on his father’s, to which he has now added Latin culture with his wonderful wife.

#1 – Excelsior
The year is 2790 AD: with space elevators and giant orbital fleets hovering over Earth, open war looks inevitable, and people are anxious to get away.

The lines are drawn, with the Confederacy in the East, and the First World Alliance in the West. In hopes of finding a refuge from the looming war, the Alliance is sending Captain Alexander de Leon to explore an Earth-type planet, code-named Wonderland, but at the last minute before launch, a Confederate fleet leaves orbit on a trajectory that threatens both the mission and Alliance sovereignty. The resulting power struggle will determine not only the fate of Alexander’s mission, but the fate of the entire human race.

#2 – Mindscape
It has been 30 years since the Excelsior program brought an end to The Last War. The technology from that program reached the private sector, giving rise to the Mindscape, a collection of immersive virtual worlds where people are able to indulge their every whim.

The Mindscape destroyed Alexander’s marriage, and now his stepson has disowned him. Sick of virtual fulfillment, he re-joins the Navy at his former rank of Admiral, but his timing couldn’t have been worse.

Days after taking command of an aging battleship, Admiral Alexander intercepts an unidentified message over the dark side of the Moon. It’s a dire warning and a threat from an old Confederate Captain, but no demands were made, and this enemy doesn’t quite look or sound human.

Minutes after receiving this transmission, missiles are spotted on approach for Lunar City. They’re moving at a third of the speed of light. Far too fast to intercept.

Lunar City is obliterated, leaving nothing but a crater in its wake. The question of who really attacked the Alliance remains, but whoever it was, they just declared war on Earth.

Following the attack, Alexander intercepts another mysterious transmission, the same source as before: “This is only the beginning…”

#3 – Exodus
HIS INTERSTELLAR VOYAGE MIGHT BE OUR LASTWith androids in control of Earth, and humans relegated to colonies on Mars and the outer planets, tensions are rising, and war looks inevitable. Looking for a way to escape the looming conflict, Alexander and Catalina de Leon board the Liberty with 70,000 other colonists on a voyage to Proxima Centauri, but it’s going to take them nine years to reach their destination, and a lot can happen in nine years. As the trip progresses, everything that can happen does, and what was meant to be a monotonous voyage becomes a fight for survival against mysterious forces that threaten not only the passengers and crew, but the entire human race.

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