Night Hunter by Katerina Martinez

Night Hunter

Night Hunter by Katerina Martinez (The Devil of Harrowgate Book 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Keep my head down. Reclaim my memories. Don’t trust the Horseman.
They tell me I’ve killed someone, they point at the blood on my hands, but I don’t remember doing it.
At Harrowgate Prison, the only sentence is life. There are no parole boards, no getting out. My only hope lies in the hands of a man they call the Horseman of Devil Falls.
He’s a warrior, a monster, a slayer of Outsiders like me, but a soon as I lay eyes on him, something inside of me ignites. Lust? Rage? Maybe both. I hate him, I want to kill him for what he is, but the attraction is magnetic, and confusing.
He wants me to help him track down a group of dangerous killers because I’m the only one who knows how they hunt. There’s no getting out of Harrowgate, but he has the power to make my stay more comfortable if I agree to work with him. I don’t see another choice.
He’s confident we’ll be able to deal with the threat. Arrogant. But not even the mighty Horseman is ready for the storm bearing down on Devil Falls.

“You didn’t need to do that,” Howes said, through his swollen mouth.

“I thought you said you could handle her,” came a smooth voice. It was calm, low, and dangerous, like a panther’s purr. A third man was in the room with us. Had he been here the entire time? Why hadn’t I seen him, or smelled him?

“I have it under control,” Brickmore barked. I could hear the blood pooling in his mouth. By the sound of his voice, he wanted to do more than just control me.

“Why isn’t she collared?” the mystery man asked.

A nervous pause filled the room like an ill wind. “It—it looked weak,” Howes said, “It only had those eyes… no magic, no memories. It barely even put up a fight.”

“She should have been properly processed before being brought for interrogation, or have we already forgotten what happened the last time your people didn’t follow procedures?”

Another pause. It was like they were worried to even speak in front of this man. “We… we haven’t forgotten, boss. But this isn’t like last time. No one’s coming to break it out of here.”

“Give me another minute with that fiend bitch,” Brickmore said, “I’ll get it squawking.”

“The arrogance of man never ceases to amaze me. You’re both pathetic,” the mystery man said. “Get out of my sight, both of you. If I have to so much as look at you tonight again—”

He didn’t finish the threat, but he didn’t have to. Brickmore and Howes tried to leave the room so fast, they were stumbling into each other at the door to get out. Eventually, they did, and the door slammed shut, leaving me alone with the man who had done… this to me. Whatever this was.

Had he stunned me?

I wanted to move my hands, my legs. I wanted to get up and fight, or at least speak, but I couldn’t do any of those things. I could only think, and even that was difficult. The man I’d been left alone with started to approach, sending my heartbeat into a frenzy. While it was good to know my heart was still working, the fact that I couldn’t see his face—only his muscular abdomen, his belt, his pants—was too much for me.

He was doing something to me, though I couldn’t be sure exactly what. I couldn’t feel anything. Nothing. All I could do was wait, and seethe, and fantasize about killing all three of these men with my bare hands.

Finally, I felt something. A single touch of his hand against one of my wings. His hand was warm, his touch soft, and a moment later, a kind of strange heat moved through me, coursing through my body and relaxing my tightened nerves. Slowly, I flexed my fingers, curled my toes, licked my lips. I could move again.

“Sit down,” he said, stepping away from me.

I thought about attacking him, I wanted to attack him, but he’d manipulated my body in a way I wasn’t used to, and I didn’t want that to happen again. I needed to bide my time, so I did as he asked, crawling over the table until I could sit down again. Then I realized what he’d done. He’d pinned my wings together with iron manacles.

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