Night Shines by Joseph Kiel

Night Shines

Night Shines (The Dark Harbour Tales #2) by Joseph Kiel
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| MOBI | 6.8 MB

It’s a bad time to be in Dark Harbour.

Something has made its return, a terrifying creature of the night that has haunted the town down the centuries. Night-Shines Nick preys on people in the dark hours, savagely killing off all the losers and the wasters as it sends their souls into oblivion…

Running scared, the town turns to the local vigilante organisation Halo of Fires in the hope they can destroy the demon. The Fires never wanted to be heroes, but they’re soon to understand how destiny is calling them when an unlikely individual comes to them with a bloodlusting plea…

The second book in Joseph Kiel’s Dark Harbour Tales, Night Shines is a thrilling story of the terrors that haunt us in the middle of the night, and of the mysterious hands that manipulate us towards an even greater darkness. Step into this new world steeped in seaside noir, romance and enchantment, and the age-old folklore that still haunts us today.

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