Nightmare Exodus by Steven Hildreth Jr.

Nightmare Exodus

Nightmare Exodus by Steven Hildreth Jr. (Forsaken Patriots, #2)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 353 Kb

Nightmare Exodus : Trafficking Of Souls. With a federal warrant issued for his arrest, Jack Bradshaw has fled the United States. His destination: Indonesia, a non-extradition nation.

Bradshaw manages to stay under the radar…until he intervenes against a crime in progress, killing the brother of a powerful crime lord with connections to the government. As the focus of a nationwide manhunt, Bradshaw is once more targeted by both sides of the law. With the assistance of a pair of highly-trained vigilantes, Jack Bradshaw will do what he does best: attack.

“I can start shaking the trees. Arrest Rivera, bring in anybody tied to Bradshaw, start trying to draw up a target packet.”

Lambert inhaled deep through his nostrils. “It doesn’t matter,” he said. “He’s on the run without resources. The red notice will leave him few hiding places. He’ll either do the smart thing and find a rock to crawl under, or he’ll pop his head up and the Russians will smash it.”

“The Russians?” Hawthorne asked, perplexed. “I thought we were going after him, sir.”

Lambert reflexively shook his head. “We can’t risk that exposure, and your unit’s not combat ready. We still have work that has to be done here at home. You need to replenish your personnel before we can look forward.”

“He knows about the Russians. If he hasn’t put two and two together, he will soon.”

“Let him. The Russians served their purpose. Tensions are high. The lefties are getting rowdy. We’ve got pretense to start locking them up. Anybody sees the correlation, the blame is laid squarely at the Russians’ feet.”

Hawthorne hesitated before he responded. “Yes, sir.

Jeremy,” Lambert said, “you’ve done a great job so far. We’ve accomplished so much in so little time. Giving scum like the White Resistance Movement a nudge was necessary to cut out the cultural rot in this nation.”

“I agree, sir,” Hawthorne said. “I just wish it didn’t require losing my men.”

“Bruce, Phil, Lucas, and Garrett were patriots,” Lambert said solemnly. “They gave their lives for a better America. We honor their sacrifice by rebuilding the Boat Crew. There are still leaks to plug in the White House and irritants that need addressing.”

“Yes, sir,” Hawthorne said. “Derrick and Robby are already on their way back to DC with the bulk of the gear. I’m wrapping up procedural issues with the Phoenix office and I’ll be back on a red-eye.”

“Good. When you get back, get your men together. Let’s do lunch and have a strategy meeting.”

“Yes, sir. Looking forward to it.”

“Me, too,” Lambert said. “See you then.”

Lambert killed the call and locked his phone. He glanced at the framed photo of him with G. Gordon Liddy from 2012, Liddy with a stoic smile and Lambert beaming with his freshly signed copy of Will in hand. Lambert pulled on the cigar once more and blew rings at the picture, then turned back towards the bedroom.

When he reentered, the redhead was stirring, rubbing her temples. “Who was that?”

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