Ninth Grave by Kathi Daley

Ninth Grave

Ninth Grave by Kathi Daley (A Writer’s Retreat Mystery Book 9)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 275 Kb

Ninth Grave : When Jack receives a disturbing email from a man claiming to have killed eight people, he sets off on a road trip with Jill and Kizzy in search of the answers he will need to stop this madman before he is able to kill victim number nine. With the help of the gang from the Mystery Mastermind group, Jack and Jill not only find the remains of the pervious victims, but they begin to form a theory of why the killer did what he did and who his next victim might be.
Meanwhile the Mystery Mastermind group welcomes four new members, Jack’s mom is seriously dating a man in his twenties, Rick and Vikki are talking marriage, and Clara starts having strange dreams that no one can explain.

“While I don’t disagree, the problem was that once John started killing, he couldn’t seem to stop. The novel is about the killing spree John went on after the death of his daughter’s killer. In the end, he killed seven men. All of them were abusing their own daughters and getting away with it, so I suppose it is up to the reader to decide whether John was a madman or a vigilante.”

“Sounds to me as if he might have been both,” Brit commented.

“So, back to the email you received,” Alex encouraged. “Not that I don’t find this conversation fascinating, but we are here to discuss the email, not the novel.”

Jack nodded. “Of course. We are here to discuss the email. When I first received it, I didn’t take Sam seriously. He certainly wouldn’t be the first wacko to hunt me down and want to tell me a story. I’m not sure why I didn’t simply delete the email and move on, but for some reason I responded to it and asked for additional information about his victims. The man responded by telling me that all the victims had been killed between June 2014 and June 2018, and that three were buried in marked graves, but the others had never been found. He shared that he was tired of all the killing and ready for it to end. He said that he was willing to provide me with the information I would need to find the burial locations of the victims that had not as yet been discovered.”

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