Nobby’s Diary by I.R. Walker

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Nobby’s Diary by I.R. Walker
English | 2020 | General Fiction| ePUB | 1.3 MB

London, Dec. 1985. Newspapers are changing.New technology and increased competition are transforming the industry. Metropolitan newspapers are moving from Fleet Street’s narrow alleyways to modern industrial complexes on the edge of town. For Nobby and his down-and-out friends, this is a real threat. Newspapers mean warmth and life. At night, as the next day’s editions are printed, hot air is vented out onto the side streets from the rolling presses, providing a vital refuge from the freezing temperatures for those who call the streets home. Who knows more about what happens on the street–vagrants or journalists? When does crusading journalism become gutter press? Who then, better to publish a newspaper than a group of down-and outs? Seen through the eyes of Spencer–a small boy whose assistance is required if the venture is to succeed–Nobby’s Diary is a cautionary tale, focusing on trust, power and influence. Oh… and fake news


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