Norah and The Nerd by Anna Catherine Field

Norah and The Nerd

Norah and The Nerd by Anna Catherine Field : Best Friends Romance (Love in Ocean Grove Book 4)
English | 2019 | Young adult | ePUB | 229 Kb

Norah and The Nerd : Is one kiss worth losing your best friend?
Best friends, Norah and Gabe, are determined to make their senior year different. Usually content sitting at the comic-book store or working on Gabe’s graphic novel, they decide not to miss out on the fun activities their final year has to offer.
That’s how they end up together at the back-to-school bonfire. Norah still can’t figure out exactly how they ended up sharing an epic kiss.
That one kiss changes everything which is exactly what Norah’s afraid of and now she’s afraid of how things will be different. Of how he makes her feel out of control. Most of all she’s afraid she’ll lose her best friend.
Will Norah let her fears win or will she take a chance with the nerdy boy she’s always loved a shot?

“Why are you always so enthusiastic?”

He tosses his arm around my shoulder. “Why are you so pessimistic?”

We walk to my car, a beat-up, baby blue Volvo that’d seen its best days in the 1970s, before my dad bought it used. The back is covered in stickers, mostly from places we’ve traveled or bands we like. I get in the driver’s side, tossing my bag in the back, trying not to think about everything Gabe had just said.

He’s right. It’s our last year together and it’s not just that we’re graduating. Gabe’s future is incredibly bright, while mine looks destined to the same five square miles I’ve lived my whole life.

I’m not ready for the first day of school because it’s one day closer to me losing my best friend.

“You really want to do all that stuff this year? The dances and parties and school-spirit things?”

His eyes soften. “Yeah, I do—but only if you’re doing them with me.”

I grimace. “Fine. But I’m only doing this for you, got it?”

The smile spreading across his face is worth the sacrifice. I shake my head and crank the engine.

The things I do for this boy.”

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