Northern Light by Deb Davies

Northern Light

Northern Light by Deb Davies (Coast-to-Coast Michigan Mystery Series Book 1)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.6 MB

After the death of her husband, Claire is finding it hard to adjust to being a widow in northern Michigan. She and her cat quickly find themselves surrounded by visitors, including her best friend, Laurel.

The empty house soon feels more like home until a raven mysteriously appears inside, resulting in a disastrous mess, and a new friend for houseguest Charles, an eccentric ornithologist.

Although the company initially offers the support and distraction Claire needs, random attacks soon escalate and no one is safe.

When the unlikely group comes face-to-face with someone intent on murder, will their newfound friendship be strong enough to protect them?

“You made new friends here,” Laurel said. “Which is a damn good thing, because I didn’t get here when George died. I thought I would be here instantly, but David kept protesting he would turn over a new leaf, and Jen—our supposedly all-grown-up college graduate—fell completely, inexplicably apart. How could I divorce her father now? She wanted all three of us to go to counseling. She and I went. When David finally came, he tried to charm the counselor, who said I should dump him on his ass. So counseling helped, but the process took forever. By the time Jen took off with friends ‘to heal,’ as she put it, you had already gone through some of the shock of losing your husband within two years of moving to a new place. Be honest, Claire. We promised we would be. How awful do you feel? Do you hate me because I didn’t come?”

“I’m mostly all right, I think. Of course I don’t hate you. You called. You wrote. You know I’ve always kept your letters.” Claire swiped tears from under her eyes. “Things could have been worse. George’s death was peaceful. And you’re right; we made friends here, so I had generous support. Maybe I ran on adrenaline, because now, I’m always tired. If I drink enough coffee or scotch, I can do odds and ends, but I don’t seem to get anything done. I need to get my hair cut. Maybe colored. George would hate the way I look.”

Laurel put down her glass, reached over, and not for the first time since she’d arrived, hugged Claire gently. “You will always be my beautiful best friend. You’ll turn heads of lustful men when you’re ninety-five.”

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