Number Theory Revealed: A Masterclass by Andrew Granville

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Number Theory Revealed: A Masterclass by Andrew Granville
English | 2019| Non-Fiction > Educational | ePUB | 9.3 MB

Number Theory Revealed: A Masterclass presents a fresh take on congruences, power residues, quadratic residues, primes, and Diophantine equations and presents hot topics like cryptography, factoring, and primality testing. Students are also introduced to beautiful enlightening questions like the structure of Pascal’s triangle mod p, Fermat’s Last Theorem for polynomials, and modern twists on traditional questions. This Masterclass edition contains many additional chapters and appendices not found in Number Theory Revealed: An Introduction. It is ideal for instructors who wish to tailor a class to their own interests and gives well-prepared students further opportunities to challenge themselves and push beyond core number theory concepts, serving as a springboard to many current themes in mathematics. Additional topics in A Masterclass include the curvature of circles in a tiling of a circle by circles, the latest discoveries on gaps between primes, magic squares of primes, a new proof of Mordell’s Theorem for congruent elliptic curves, as well as links with algebra, analysis, cryptography, and dynamics.

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