Of Our Own Creation by Brooke Hatchett

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Of Our Own Creation by Brooke Hatchett
English | 2020 | Young Adult| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Eighteen-year-old Clara Herschel is living with a killer—inside her.

His name is Desch, and they were supposed to be bestest friends. Revel in shared respect. Bask in mutual understanding. That’s how the Advocate program works. A human and a Little One—powerful yet peaceful beings of raw energy—choose one another and bond for life to show the world that two species aren’t so different.

Except Clara and Desch didn’t choose; they were forced to bond. And it lost them everyone they loved. All Clara wants is forgiveness. All Desch wants is revenge. All they can agree on is that the world isn’t ready for their origin story.

When someone threatens genocide against the Little Ones, someone who knows the seemingly indestructible creatures’ only weakness, Clara and Desch must confront their past to save Desch’s kind. Their bonding holds the key to protecting his species. But it also holds Clara’s secret…

Desch isn’t the only killer.


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