Of Vengeance by J.D. Kurtness

Of Vengeance

Of Vengeance by J.D. Kurtness
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.8 Mb

Of Vengeance : Let’s be honest: Who hasn’t fantasized about shooting someone in the face with a hunting rifle?

One day, a thirteen-year-old girl decides to startle a classmate. Instead, she accidentally kills him. And she likes it.

Over the years, she begins experimenting with murder. Her victims are, of course, people that deserve it: a careless driver, a CEO of an energy corporation that is destroying the planet, a rapist. Every crime scene is flawless — untraceable and made to look like an accident or suicide. But, as she sleepwalks through her day job and lives in a crummy apartment, one thing becomes increasingly clear: she needs more.

Because nothing compares to the thrill of violent retribution.

“At first you don’t notice it, but little by little the air grows heavy and saturated. The teacher pretends not to notice, but you can tell she’s holding her breath whenever she walks by him. It smells like my uncle’s Ski-Doo helmet, which he lent me once so I could go for a ride with my cousins. Like that, but worse.

Fat Fiset also enjoys digging deep in his nose and then laying out his hard-won treasure for all to see. If anyone else dared do that, it would be a one-time thing: they’d get harassed so badly they’d have to change schools, move to a new town, maybe leave the country altogether. But the usual rules don’t apply to Dave Fiset. Dave has the skills to defend himself, zero parental supervision, and a few screws loose. Everyone can feel it. There’s only one way to handle Dave: like a wasp. You ignore him until he eventually goes away.

Dave repeated grade three. That’s why he’s older than everyone else. He’s the kind of kid who, come grade six, can barely read but knows exactly what to do to put the fear of death into anyone who would even think about ratting him out. A real monster. Today we have a word for the modus operandi of the Dave Fisets of the world: bullying, a.k.a. the art of making poor kids’ lives miserable. But back then it was just a normal part of life, like worrying about the hole in the ozone layer. And just like that once-pressing environmental issue, all the summits, conferences, and marches in the world won’t be enough to make bullying a thing of the past.”

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